We unchained a two-year old bitch, together with her 3 week - old son, which miraculously availed desth.  In 30o hest, their bawl was filled with sand instead of water, the "kennel" made of metal barrel was situated away from any shade, so there was no possibility to shelter from the sun. It was even difficult to recognize a Polish Mountain Sheepdog in this miserable, felted creature. We called her Turnia.



Turnia today

Untidy and feltedTurnia


A wonderful, strong psyche of this breed let Turnia believe once more that life is joyful. She had to try again and trust us. She did, and proved her devotion from the very beginning becoming a great watch dog in our estate. Half a year later she went with us to dog's Shaw for first time. In a new surrounding and situation she behaved like a perfectly trained dog; obedient, with her eyes fixed on us.



Turnia, bald after whelping but well-fed and clean

Agnus, Turbia's puppy soni

A terrible state of the population of Polish Mountain Sheepdogs made as in register Turnia Księga Wstępna  and achieve breeding rights for her because of excellent results on Dog's Shows and dysplasia tests Turnia - A1.