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Every Polish child knows Polish Moutain Sheepdog looks like. This white, huge dog is identified with Tatra Mountains. For years it has been guarding mountaineers' homesteads and their flocks of sheep; working hard day and night, summer or winter - always watchful, always loyal to his master. Thanks to its help their owners could sleep soundly. That's why it is hard to belive that Polish Moutain Sheepdog is becoming an extinct breed, however it is true. Seldom can we neet seep being looked after by this large, Instead, there can be seen St. Bernard's Dogs posing for a camera along Krupówki Av. in Zakopane. They are regarded to be the symbol of the mountains and the geatest tourist attraction, and yet they come from Swiss Alps and not from Polish Tatras. That is why more and more dog breeders, who are aware that the significant element of Polish culture is dying out, start raising Polish Moutain Sheepdogs.


The dogs have left Podhale (the Tatra Highlands) to conquest the whole country and to give the lie to the nonsensical theory (aften quonted in out-of-date publications) that they can live only in the mountain area, otherwise they suffer from rheumatism and soon die. Todey it is even more possible to see the best representatives of the breed in Gdańsk or Poznań Dog's Snows, than while walking down the Krupówki promenade in Zakopane



Many breeders from Wester Europ discovered the beauty of Polish Moutain Sheepdog a long time ago and have been giving ther attention to them for a long time.