health AND needs  


Polish Mountain Sheepdogs are not afficted by any disease which could e considered typical for this very breed. Their health problems, if there are any, do not depend on their place of birth or living, either.


Like most huge breeds, they aften suffer from dysplasia, especially hip dysplasia, or bloats. To minimalize the risk of dysplasia it is enough to provide the dogs with well - balanced dpg's food for large breeds, as well as with some vitamin and mineral supplements which would regulate the growth of gristle.


On no account should we overtrain or overfeed the young dogs in the period of their growing. Ot may not be the recipe to obtain dysplasia - free dogs, yet it lets make our white giants develope in the most optimal way.
An adult Polish Mountain Sheepdog should be fed at least twice a day, with small portions, so  as not to overlood its stomach. Extremely good apetite, so typical for this breed, is likely to be the reason of overweight, frequent in their case.


Long, white coat needs regular brushing. They don't get dirty, as their coat undergoes self-claning. However, it is good to bathe ocassionally those dogs which are kept inside, to bring out their whiteness and wash off the greasy layer. Their hair does not give off any nasty smell.



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